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Lockwood Cave

Lockwood Cave is just one of many caves located in Scott's Gulf. Lockwood, which has been studied at length by speleologists and geologists because of its interesting geology, is over 3 miles long and takes the entire flow of the Caney Fork River through its dark passageways. The cave, which may be the longest anywhere in the Pennington Shale Formation, a Mississipian age layer of sandstone, shale and conglomerate, is also unusual in that it has 22 entrances, give or take a few. Early twentieth-century signatures testify to this cave's usage as a recreational resource for over 75 years.

The cave's name also has an interesting past. Local legend says the cave was named after the Lockwoods, a family that lived near the cave long ago. Mr. Lockwood, suspecting his wife of adultery, secretly placed dynamite beneath their bed. That night, as he crawled into bed with his wife, he lit the fuse, killing himself and his wife and destroying the house. Only rubble remains today of their old home place.

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